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Traigunya.com is the leading manufacturer and supplier of world class oils and perfumes that matches with the superlative quality standards. We are committed to offer complete satisfaction to our customers meeting their customized needs and requirements of oil and perfumes. We offer a wide array of Essential oils, Traditional Indian Attars, Aromatherapy oils, carrier oils, bathing oils and body oils that are well complimented for their strong aroma and rich essence. Our products will enable you gain a wide range of health benefits that will enrich your life as well as of your family members.

Absolute Oil is extensively used in aromatherapy and perfumery. They are the highest quality essential oils that are concentrated and free from any sort of impurity. Absolute Oil is a highly aromatic, oily mixture which is obtained from the plants. We provide the purest form of oil through our in-house manufacturing facility.

Traditional Indian Attars are perfume oil made from flower petals distilled in water using low heat and pressure. These are the purest non-alcoholic fragrances that are enriched with the fragrances of sandal smell. Sandal Based Attar is mainly used for making incense sticks and perfumes. This product is the most popular product among all the products manufactured by us.

Aromatherapy Oils are all those essential oils that are manufactured with the highest quality standards using the proven and time tested procedure. We offer a wide variety of essential oils that can be easily blended with other carrier oils in order to get the maximum health benefits from the same. Essential oils such as Frangipani Oil, Frankincense oil and others provide a stimulating and rejuvenating effect on the users and thus are extensively used in aromatherapy for the in-depth psychological relaxation.

Carrier oils are base oil that are used to dilute the absolutes and essential oils thereby making them suitable for aromatherapy and skin massage. This oil does not have a strong aroma like essential oils. But they carry a characteristic smell which is mild in nature. Carrier Oil also does not evaporate. The company offers superlative quality of carrier oil which is free from any type of impurity.

Bathing & Body Oils: We understand the significance of massage for people of all age groups. Hence we manufacture and supply a wide range or bathing and body oils that will surely enchant you and provide you a series of health benefits. Right from being an excellent skin moisturizer to retaining the oil balance and decelerating the ageing process, our bathing and body oils are such that you will instantly fall in love with the product.

We not only maintain the highest quality of products but also deliver world class services to our esteemed clients.  All our products undergo a rigorous procedure of comprehensive quality check at different levels. The proportion of ingredients is verified and corrected in the laboratory of the company. This is the reason why all these products are free from any type of side effects. It is because of all these qualities our products are the most preferable and popular name of the perfume industry.

We through a wide network of distributors supply our products to all the major cities of the world. These products are exported to countries like France, Saudi Arabia, UK, China, Germany and countries of the Middle East.

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